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The Golf School of Indiana teaches over 5,000 appointments annually to our students. Instruction options include: full swing, short game, putting, on-course, juniors, green reading, private lessons, group lessons, clinics, junior camps, or creating your own group. 

Private Instruction

The Golf School of Indiana offers private instruction for golfers of all ability levels. We have beginner programs for junior players that last 30 minutes to 90 minute sessions for our college players. Playing lessons are also available. Our Instructors have different levels of experience so different price points and packages make instruction possible for players on all budgets.

Private Instruction

Full Swing Instruction

Full Swing Instruction

The focus on full swing instruction does not hinge on a single method but instead on making the individual efficient with their swing sequence. Making sure a player understands their sequence is the most important part to being consistent and correct on course adjustments lets the player get the most out of their game. Each sequence has different set-up requirements and swing thoughts or triggers that get the desired results. We will make sure you not only understand what you do but how to fix it when things get off track.

Short Game Instruction

Short Game Instruction

Short game means a lot of different things to different people. Chipping, pitching, bunker play and putting often make up “short game.” We reference short game as any shot from a full swing Pitching Wedge and shorter, excluding putting. Putting has a category to itself.


Partial shots (distances less than full swings) make up the majority of short game shots. People handle these in two distinct ways, vision or measurement. Vision is the technique or using your eyes, touch and feel for the shot. Measurement is the technique of having a certain size swing, with a certain club for a certain distance. Each way has advantages and disadvantages and individual players can decide which works best for them. We will show you the options and again make a plan for what you are going to do.


In keeping with the measurement technique, Brad Fellers offers program called “Measured Touch.” This program combines wedge fitting, wedge gapping and creation of a short game yardage book.

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Putting Instruction

Putting Instruction

Putting Instruction may be the most individualized part of golf instruction. Each player has to use a combination of eyes, feel and technique to give themselves the best chance to make a putt. Putting has three parts: deciding where to hit a putt, getting in position to hit it there and hitting it there. Getting in position to hit it there and hitting it there is the focus and creating a plan to do that is what each session is going to do.


The Golf School of Indiana works with Burnt Edges Consulting owner Bruce Rearick to provide a unique look into how your vision plays a huge role in the entire putting process. Bruce is regarded as one of the best in the putting community and a session with him is recommended for any player wanting to improve their technique. He has player routinely fly in from around the world to see him for putting instruction.

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Junior Instruction

Junior Instruction

The number one question posed to our instructors is: “at what age do you start kids?” Starting kids can happen in two ways and varies to each child. The most common way is a junior camp and that is the recommended first step. Once a child goes to a camp (usually a beginner camp of a couple days to a week) and shows an interest in golf, private instruction is the next step. Kids are ready for private lessons when they can maintain their interest level for a period of 30 minutes. We have kids that take 90 minute lessons that are 6 years old and 10 year olds who struggle at 30 minutes so every child is different.

As for any other students, having the proper equipment is a huge part of success. If your child does not have clubs, do not buy them before the first lesson. Instead, let us give you a recommendation after the first lesson. There are plenty of options out there at all budget levels. Whether you get them from us or not, we want to make sure you get the correct ones for your child.

Green Reading Instruction

Green Reading Instruction

The most overlooked part of golf instruction is green reading. Often the phrases “you learn from experience” or “it just takes practice” is where green reading instruction stops. We take it much further than that, teaching specific green reading techniques. We offer green reading classes at the School or you can schedule private sessions. Some of the most accomplished players in the state have attended green reading classes and claimed to have learned things they did not know even through all of their successes.


Private Group Instruction

Golf is supposed to be fun, and what better way to learn than with the people you want to play with!!. Sign up with your friends for a Private Group Lesson!

  • Up to 10 people to a group!

  • Cost effective!

  • Pick your amount of time

  • Pick your topic

  • No clubs needed for new players

  • Any skill level

Contact The Golf School for more information


Learn about Junior Camps here!

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Private Group Instruction
Servces and Fees
Services Lessons One Hour Initial Evaluation w Brad at Prairie View $ 120 One Hour Lesson
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