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The Golf School of Indiana, Inc. operates out of the Ackerman Academy building at Prairie View Golf Club. The school is open to the public and features award-winning club fitting, instruction, and practice options for players of all ages and skill levels. We are Indiana's leader in youth golf instruction, with cutting-edge training camps that use the latest in golf technology to teach vital golf skills as well as incorporating golf fitness to improve players' strength and speed.

Who We Are

Why Choose Us

We offer a holistic team approach to improving your game, focusing on the whole person, not just improving your skills. At the Golf School of Indiana, you are a student of the school, not a student of a particular instructor. Depending of your playing needs, we will pair you with the best professional to assist you. We also put a huge value on the technique/club fit relationship. We believe improper club fitting can cause poor technique, and we will not hesitate to use equipment to improve your game.

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Top 4 teams at the 2022 Boys State Championship all had double-digit participants in the 2021 Winter Program

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13 of the 2022 Girls State Champion finalists participated in

the 2021 Winter Program

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Who We Are

Brad Fellers Elite Services is the mobile arm of the Golf School of Indiana. BFES offers three simple services that, blended together, allow players to reach their ultimate potential: Instructions, Club Fitting, and Equipment Sales Management. We also offer custom destination golf experiences for your group or business needs. Individual, group, or team service options are available at varying price structures designed to meet your specific needs.

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