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On behalf of the entire Golf School of Indiana Staff, we want to welcome you to a new experience at the Ackerman Academy! We are working every day to create an exciting environment for all of you to enhance your game.

Service Commitment

During your next visit, you will experience new hitting mats, enhanced technology offerings in the hitting bays, a new putting green and a state of the art club fitting bay filled with exciting new product from leading manufactures in the industry.

Brand new golf balls also await you and premium practice balls such a Titleist ProV1 and Taylormade TP5 will be available this spring!

Our team looks forward to serving all your needs whether you are an old friend or a first time visitor.

Welcome to Your Next Great Golf Experience!
Brad Fellers

PGA Professional

Matt Glenn

Director of Club Fitting

About Brad Feller

Why We Are Different

Our Staff is determined to help you play better golf. When a student comes to GSI, we will put the best professional in front of you to assist your needs. You may work with Matt on club fitting, Erika on a playing lesson, Brad on short game and Max on full swing.

We often have students work with different instructors based on communication style or what part of the game they are struggling with. You are a student of the school, not a student of a particular instructor. Any way we can help you, we will.

The other thing we do is put a huge value on the technique/club fit relationship. We believe improper club fitting can cause poor technique and we will not hesitate to use equipment to improve your game. Likewise, if you come for a club fitting, often we will wait to fit you until you have your technique where you want it.


Brad Fellers
Brad Fellers
Brad Fellers
Max Niehans
Brad Fellers
Bruce Rearick