Club Fitting is one of the most influential parts of a great player being great.


Our fitters have a combined 30+ years of experience. Matt Glenn leads our team of fitters. Along with Brad Fellers, they have refined a unique process of testing golf equipment and building a fitting system to allow GSI fitters to understand how models differ from one another. This streamlines the process for students and allows a fitting to get deeper into the fitting process rather than testing models that will not work.


Brad was asked to present this unique system to over 1000 PGA golf professionals at over 10 seminars in 10 states. He also presented at the annual PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, Florida on this topic.


In the past 3 years, Matt has taken this information they develop annually and expanded it to become a leader in the field of club fitting for Indiana and the Midwest. He has been asked to train other golf professionals for Taylormade over the past three seasons and is contacted regularly by golf professionals, college coaches, mini tour players, elite junior players and other golf instructors requesting advice.


Using radar units such as Trackman and Flightscope, we can measure over twenty parameters of a shot and fit the proper equipment for players of all skill levels. We use both systems as we feel the each piece of equipment will give us unique information that the other does not.


GSI also uses premium golf balls in the fitting process. Players will have the ability to choose from the latest golf balls from Titleist (ProV1), Taylormade (TP5), Callaway (Chrome) and Srixon to conduct measurements to ensure they are getting fit with the ball they play.


Partnering with many of the largest equipment manufacturers, students have access to every most product on the market during their visit to demo and test against their current clubs.


The Golf School of Indiana has the largest selection of fitting choices with every manufacturer that you will find in the state of Indiana.

Golf Equipment
  • Trackman and Flightscope to measure different aspects of fitting, because each machine measures different parts of the fitting process differently

  • Use of premium golf balls during the fitting process. Choose from Titltiest Pro V1, Taylormade TP5 and others instead of range balls.

  • See ball flight year round from our hitting bays – No into Net fitting.

  • More shaft/head combinations.

  • Sell clubs at market pricing with no hidden fees.

  • Our unique re-strike program before you pay.

  • GSI is regarded as a fitting center for multiple brands in Indiana.

  • GSI fits clubs for multiple universities, high school programs, other golf facilities and professional players each year.

  • Over 30 PGA Professionals send their students/members to us for fittings every year.

  • In 2017, our fitting students included a USGA Champion, 3 Junior All-Americans, 8 AJGA Champions, Indiana High School Champion, 6 Mini-tour Players, 8 Club Champions, 4 additional USGA National participants and student athletes from over 20 collegiate programs from 6 states.

Club Fitting is not just about the driver and irons… wedges are the second most important component to scoring next to the putter and we have the experience and tools to dial in your short game. Shots inside 100 yards are a specialty of Brad Fellers and he is know in the Indy area as the “short game guru,” having multiple students visit him for short game work only even though they have other full swing coaches!


Proper equipment is key once again and wedge fitting includes bounce, loft, shaft and head material selection to make the most of those stroke saving shots. GSI offers over 100 fitting wedges to help with these specifications. A fitting includes:

  • Rough Shots

  • Bunker Shots

  • Greenside Shots

  • Wedge Range Testing

  • Launch Monitor Testing

  • Gap Distance Fitting

Why We Are Different
Fitting Pricing

Single Visit – $100 up to 60 minutes
Full Bag Fitting – $250 All Visits Included


Group Club Fitting Visits are available. Contact us and ask about how to get a group scheduled and what the fitting pricing would be for your custom fitting experience.

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