Building Features

  • 8 Hitting stations for inside & outside practice

  • Heating units for each hitting station

  • T.V.s and launch monitor use for each hitting station

  • Club Fitting room with all the latest manufacture options

  • New putting green that focus on all aspects of putting training

  • Club Repair and Enhancement area

  • New Mats for the hitting bays and outdoor tee line

Golf Balls

Good quality golf balls are a feature of the practice experience at the Golf School of Indiana. We regularly rotate practice balls to ensure quality and offer a “tour player” experience in which students / customers have access to practice with premium golf balls. When working on short game or distance control, ProV1’s and TP5’s give you that reassurance that you are doing everything you can to improve your game!


  • Taylormade Yellow range balls for everyday use

  • Premium Golf Balls from Taylormade (TP5) and Titleist (ProV1)